Dating marriage customs germany

07-Jan-2018 12:15

“There isn't a huge difference among European countries, although the cliché is that northern countries are more pragmatic and the southern countries more romantic,” Hegmann said.That's not to say that there aren't a few intercultural differences.However if a young woman, presumably living with her parents, has accepted the invitation of a man it is customary for him to pick her up at her home; bringing a small bouquet, or a flower or two for the mother is considered in good taste. it is not unusual in Ger­many for a man to date a wo­man much younger than he. Most German parents do not expect (and may even get down-right nasty) if serious advances are made toward a young daughter (she having ideas of her own, notwithstanding.).Remember, however, flowers for mom, In no way indicates interest in the daughter (or the mother for that matter! A man won’t be thrown out of the house if be doesn’t make this gesture but to bring flowers will indeed enhance his image. Dating here, might be better considered a form of socializing and not a preliminary step to bedding down or marriage.

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However, in Germany (and Europe in general) a man is expected to ask a woman out.I pointed out the fact that I’m Canadian, not German and that promise rings weren’t very popular with the 30 something crowd in Canada. Initially he wasn’t so sure that I “needed” an engagement ring since we would be living in Germany, but when he saw that all my Canadian friends did indeed have engagement rings along with their wedding bands, he realized that this was indeed a common thing in Canada. was true to his word though, when I arrived in Germany, I was busy checking everyone’s fingers for engagement rings, and he was right, they are not popular here at all.

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