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07-Jan-2018 22:08

While many prescriptions are meant for initial, short-term treatment, some doctors and dentists authorize refills time and time again because they want to help patients whom claim that they are still in pain. Blaming only diverts the necessary explication of collectively coming together as a nation to address this epidemic. Furthermore, to shape how the rest of the country sees addiction, clinicians should shamelessly speak about it and start treating it as a chronic illness.However, when the pill bottle and refills run out, these patients are left high and dry; looking for alternatives to create that euphoric escape they’ve become so accustomed to. As a part of this ongoing education initiative, Dose Spot will be hosting a webinar in regards to the opioid epidemic that will include helpful tips and resources to stay ahead of this crisis. Sources: Dose Spot is a Surescripts certified e-Prescribing platform specifically designed to integrate with electronic health record, electronic dental record, practice management and telehealth software.So far, 25 states have passed legislation mandating statewide e-waste recycling. Scope of Products in E-waste Laws This chart compares the scope of products of all e-waste laws.

This new law requires individuals to remit all future payments electronically once they: Fiduciaries, estates, and trusts are not required to make payments electronically, regardless of the amount owed.If you don’t acquire an electronic health record system before 2015, you’re going to lose a small portion of your Medicare reimbursement.