Objective c label text not updating dita von teese dating

08-Sep-2017 19:45

When I print the label's text value in the console, the correct value shows up.However, when I run the simulator, it appears to be null (or the label does not update). The problem is that since Parse uses the Bolts framework, exceptions thrown in completion blocks are automatically caught and silently ignored (very annoying, I know).Hi I have Navigation based application in which there is a timer in one view.

; ... } This should flush out any UI changes that you have made.

If you have a method that runs on the main thread and does some activity (such as search a database), updates that you make to the UI will not be committed until the run loop gets control. Although this may be a sensible and functional hack, it doesn't beat the alternative. Traced back the problem to the fact that a UI update was getting triggered (but not showing up) from a code block that was set to run after an asynchronous URL request finished.


If you want to be sure, you could put a breakpoint in hmm, I think you're right there, but (a) when I try to add the ".text" I get a compiler error "member 'my Label' not in structure or union" (b) the preceeding set Text statement does not produce any updates in the view.

Then you can set the text using: If this doesn't work, go back to IB and open the Utilities pane.

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