Gay dating guernsey

01-Aug-2017 05:31

The private member's Bill is the fruit of a campaign by the island's fledgling gay rights movement.

For Carol Steere, author of the Bill, the age of consent issue is about human rights.

The festival plays out over a number of venues across St Peter Port.

A sunken garden and the library lawns, which slope down toward the sea are two of the most captivating, but the curators have also made use of bus shelters and vacated shops, to varying degrees of success.

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A private member's Bill to decriminalise gay sex at 16 will be brought before the States of Deliberation, the island's parliament, on Wednesday, together with an amendment that would lower the age to 18.

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They will let you be yourself and you will not have to deal with disclosing your status or experiencing multiple rejections.

"My concern is that, if this law is passed, it will become the many." Mr Allen is proud of Guernsey's tradition of stubborn resistance to social reform.

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