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He was a fairly normal guy until he met Kanata & fell in love with her.Konata's closest friend and Tsukasa's older twin sister. "playful" antics, but always seems to be the one who understands her hobbies.Entering the story by returning Yutaka's handkerchief in the beginning of what can be seen as a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, Minami is a quiet, expressionless girl often misunderstood by others to be creepy.Good at most subjects, and is childhood friends with neighbour Miyuki since both of them love reading.Her liking of light novels is also a driver of plot.Yui's younger sister who lives with Konata (her cousin, though she often sees her as a sister) since she got into Konata's high school. Her friendship with Minami often falls into Romantic Two-Girl Friendship territory.

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This also got me thinking: What if an anime was turned into a dating sim.

Class Representative of Hiyori's class who appears in Volume 7.

Konata: Because if I got on a team and started playing sports, I'd miss all my prime time anime shows.

I'm an old fart who spent way too much of my life sewing.

I like trashy anime that has cute boys and dating sim games where you end up dead.Kagami and Ayano's classmate for five consecutive years, Misao is the latter's childhood friend and, as defined by the former, an unorganized "lazy ass".

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